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Defending Yourself from Charges of
When prosecutors accuse someone of child molestation, they aren't kidding.
They intend to hunt you down and put you away for a long, long time.
It's great for their careers, but what can you do to fight back?

Call us right now at 1-800-459-2500 for a free, confidential consultation.
We specialize in defending people accused of child molestation.
We know how to fight for you. We have fought and won for others.

People convicted of child molestation face serious safety issues while in prison, regardless of whether they are truly innocent or not.

Reduce your risk. Hire an expert child molest defense attorney immediately.
The most general definition of molestation is the persecution or harassment of someone. Most commonly, it refers to the act of making unwanted and indecent advances to or on someone else, especially for sexual gratification.

The most serious and increasingly common molestation crime is child molestation. Any type of sexual advance and/or contact with a child (defined as anyone under a cutoff age that is 14 in most states) is considered child molestation.

Molestation Defense Considerations

Child molestation is among the most serious and increasingly common of criminal charges. The mere accusation of child molestation carries extreme stigma and requires the most skilled and aggressive defense possible.

In many states, certain individuals and caregivers (such as public school teachers) are required by law to report suspected child abuse. Even a seemingly meaningless and casual comment by a child can result in serious criminal charges, even if the child and family all deny that anything improper took place!

Child abuse cases can be complex due to the use of the testimony of children. Prosecutors can often induce the testimony of a child in a manner that benefits their case. The social stigma associated with harming children can lower the threshold of proof in the minds of jurors.

Prosecutors are under extreme political pressure to win convictions on these charges. It is critical that your defense team make this task as difficult as possible for the prosecution and that your defense counsel be completely insulated from local politics. It is for these reasons that a private defense attorney, like The Criminal Defense Group, can be more effective than a court-appointed attorney.

Careful and skilled pre-trial research by your defense team can often result in child molestation charges being dropped before trial. If a trial is necessary, there are specific defense strategies that we use in the defense of charges involving sex crimes against children.

The Criminal Defense Group specializes in sex crimes and has generated some of its most impressive results in child molestation cases. If you or someone you know is potentially facing molestation charges, it is critical that you obtain experienced legal counsel as quickly as possible. There are generally no acceptable plea bargains in child molestation cases, so these charges must be fought as aggressively as possible in order to give you the best chance of staying out of prison and off of the life-long National sex offender list.

Call us any time for a free and confidential consultation at (800) 459-2500. Early intervention by skilled, experienced, aggressive defense attorneys is critical to obtaining the best results.
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All of our cases are handled by a defense team, not just an individual attorney, led by a criminal defense expert with years of proven trial experience. We have the resources and creative strategies to give our clients the best possible results in even the most challenging cases.

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